History of SDJ Robotics

by mentor on February 1, 2010

This is a repost of the previous post from Year 2009 on the original site as we have migrated here.

History of SDJ Robotic Club

The SMK Dato Jaafar’s Robotic club or more known as the “SDJ Robotic Club” was formed in the tailend of 2009 as the consequence of its ambitious founding members which comprised of the first teacher advisor, Miss Isabelle Wong and the first batch of competition-bound students.

The humble beginning of the club can be traced to the day when SMK Dato Jaafar was approached to enter the National Robotics Competition (NRC). Of course, the club wasn’t formed at that time, but the maiden foray into NRC 2009 laid the foundation for big things to come. Despite the fact when the inexperience team of the then Form 4 students, namely Chong Jin Heng, Low Wai Loon and Zebedee Kee had beat all the odds to qualify from the Local level competition into the State level competition, no ripple of any kind were made in the SDJ fraternity. Nonetheless, the team toiled on and divident paid off when the team scored the highest pre-penalty mark among all the state participant to be the provisional champions. Alas, it was not to be and the team got relegated to 4th place after penalty marks were factored in.

Nonethless, history has been made and it proved that the SDJ students have the potential to go far and wide if they put their hearts to do anything they fancy. Hence, through the auspices of SMKDJ’s headmaster Mr Goh, the SDJ Robotic Club was formed to harness the potential of the talented SDJ student pool and to have a continuity in producing competitive teams for the NRC/WRO.


The robotic club may be at its nascent stage but it is not devoid of tradition and achievements. The following achievements are those achieved by the club thus far:

  • Mid 20095th place National Robotic Competition Local Level (Johor Bahru) (despite having only a single set of Lego Mindstorm as compared to its richer competitors)
  • July 20094th place National Robotic Competition State/Zone Level (Johor) (that puts us roughly ranked 4th out of 70+ teams across the state)
  • October 2009 – Formal establishment of the club.


Unlike most of clubs of its category, the SDJ robotic club is formed for one main purpose. It is to bring back glory to SMK Dato Jaafar through the talented pool of gutsy SDJ students. Hence our aims are:

  • Produce a team of champions at the local level (Johor Bahru district) National Robotic Competition in 2010
  • Produce a team of champions at the state level (Johor state) National Robotic Competition by 2011
  • Produce a team of champions at the national level (Malaysia) National Robotic Competition by 2012
  • Become world champions at the World Robotic Olympiad by 2012 (yes! we want to be the first world champions for the school whilst still wearing the uniform)
  • Become the biggest non-uniformed, non-academic club in SMKDJ by 2012

We also have some shorter-term competitive aims of:

  • Getting at least a bronze medal in the state level National Robotic Competition in 2010
  • Getting at least a bronze medal in the national level National Robotic Competition by 2011

It might seem impossible to achieve all these aims. But achieving the impossibility is what we are trying to achieve.

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