SDJ Robotics Committee Members – 2009

by mentor on February 2, 2010

SDJ Robotics Committee Members 2009

The following photos depict the committee members in the club. Some committee members were not shown here due to lack of photo.

Robotic Committee 2009

Mentor of SDJ Robotics: Wong Minh Chjiat Isabelle

(Original list – Later made to be irrelevant as there are changes to the BoDs)

President of Robotics Club: Chong Jin Heng
Vice-President of Robotics Club: Muhamad Nazmi bin Shahuddin (Transferred to SBP in Ipoh)
Auditor of Robotics Club: Zebedee Kee Yong Xin
Secretary of Robotics Club: Chan Kok Sim
(Transferred to SMS Alam Shah in Kuala Lumpur)
Vice-Secretary of Robotics Club: Muhammad Shukri bin Mohamed Ishah (Transferred to SBP in Muar)
Treasurer of Robotics Club: Low Wai Loon
Webmaster: Wilfred Loh (Photo not available)
Forum Manager: Darwin Paidathally
Publicity Manager: Muhammad Tahir bin Sudik
Recruitment Manager: Jeep Wai Hong (Photo not available)
Education Manager: Yang Wang Chuan (Photo not available)
Documentation Manager: Loh Yi Fung (Photo not available)

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