Competition Team’s Report – 28 May 2011

by mentor on May 28, 2011

Competition Team’s Report (Modified Kanban System) – 28 May 2011

Congratulations on being selected to represent SDJ in the upcoming NRC 2011 Johor State Level Competition. In addition to bringing the school glory and achieve personal success, this will be a rare non-academic learning opportunity which will be invaluable in your personal development process. However, glory does not fall from the sky and learning process shall not be made easy, so the following list are tasks required to be done during the semester break. Please work as a team and inform the rest. (Please do not drop comments that will reveal what your team is building, we intend to give the other competitors a surprise). Please also use this publicly shown task list system to track progress of your group and compare with other groups.

Please invite your parents to read this too, especially for parents who are concern with their son’s involvement with the competition.

(Y – means that work is done, N – work is not done and failed to meet deadline)

Team 1: Dato Jaafar (Darwin, Luqman and Ian)

Comments: Overall progress is the strongest among all groups. However, there is a big problem as the main programming is not done and no ‘notes’ can be produced yet. If the team cannot solve this, the project won’t have a chance in the competition. Please ensure that you solve that issue as soon as possible. Failing which, please contact your teacher as soon as possible for a Plan B that we have in mind. Group leader should also ensure that group members have perfect attendance or at least have acceptable reasons for not attending training. Now onto individual members. Darwin has done an excellent job leading his team and assisting the teacher-in-charge. Luqman is performing steadily and is probably wasted as a group member. Should volunteer for group leader position for next year. Ian provides the important spark for the team but needs to improve communication with the group leader and improve attendance after exams are over.

  • (N) Poster – 30 May 2011 (Monday) (Y) – Received on 31 May 2011
  • (N) Report – 30 May 2011 (Monday) (Y) – Received on 31 May 2011
  • (N) Advertisement Video – 30 May 2011 (Monday). (    ) – New deadline: 13 June 2011
  • (N) Robot Video – 13 June 2011 (Monday)
  • (   ) Programming – During holidays
  • (Y) Stage -During holidays-  (Y)30 May 2011 – collect it from the Physics Laboratory)

Team 2: Onn Jaafar (Fikri, Aniq and Joseph)

Comments: Please train your presentation part. We successfully managed to push it to 7 minutes, but presenters seemed to forget about what have been taught and rush through everything in 1-2 minutes. That’s not too good so please retrain. Aniq should train as backup for presentation. Overall progress slowed down a bit, as predicted (remember the graph I drew for you guys?). So please use this holiday to catch up. That was for the team progress. Individually, Fikri is a key person for the team as the team crumbles without him. However, needs to improve upon performance on stage. Stage fright is a weakness among his many strength. Aniq is the most well-balanced among all members in the team and has great ability to improvise on stage. Joseph is a raw talent which requires some polishing.  Had initial integration problem but has since improved.

  • (Y) Poster 1 June 2011 (Tuesday)
  • (Y) Report 1 June 2011 (Tuesday)
  • (N) Advertisement Video 1 June 2011 (Tuesday) (N)  - New deadline 13 June 2011 (Monday)
  • (Y) Robot Video – Need 2nd take
  • (Y) Programming – Completed
  • (   ) Stage -During holiday-

Team 3: Hussein Onn (Ye Chou, Khai Leik and Wen Wen)

Comments: We’re happy with the progress of this team despite this team being the newest among all teams. This team has the best teamwork so far. Contribution comes from all members and progress on the programming part is good. Wen Wen is starting to fulfill his hidden performance. However, still needs to show more ‘presence’. Ye Chou is doing a good job so far leading the team but needs to be more vocal (talk more). Khai Leik has done well volunteering for tasks nobody wanted. However, as this team started later than the other teams, please do some catching up. We don’t put you all as the third team for no reason.

  • (Y) Poster – Have not given the deadline- (Chin Khai Leik is in-charged)
  • (Y) Report – 1 June 2011 (Tuesday)
  • (Y) Advertisement Video – 1 June 2011 (Tuesday)
  • (Y) Robot Video – Completed -
  • (Y) Programming – Completed-
  • (   ) Stage – During holiday-

Team 4: Hishammuddin Hussein (Yee, Brandon and Clerence)

Comments: One of the most hardworking team. However, this team chooses easier tasks to complete while leaving the difficult tasks untouched. In terms of team work, this team scores low in this aspect. Overall progress of this team is considered to be slow. Individually, Yee has absolutely no discipline problems and is among the most consistent worker. However, needs to lead the group rather than doing a one-man-team. Stage fright is another issue. Should use this opportunity as a leader to be more vocal. Brandon has good attendance but have integration problem. Needs to work a bit on the body language and actual English language too. I will refrain from commenting on Clerence for now.

  • (Y) Poster – (Y) 30 May 2011 (Monday) will be meeting the team (Latest Deadline: 8 June 2011)
  • (Y) Report 1 June 2011
  • (N) Advertisement Video 6 June 2011. (    ) – New deadline: 13 June 2011
  • (   ) Robot Video -x-
  • (   ) Programming 7 June 2011
  • (   ) Stage – During holiday – (Target poster)

Team 5: Bukit Senyum (Soon, Toh Ian Kim and Tahir)

Comments: Overall progress is good if we consider that this team started their work late. Programming and building of robot is relatively good, although project is considered to be easier. Team would need to quickly finish up the other portions to chase the other groups. Individually: Soon has been given the chance to lead senior members of the club. Will have to try to be more of a leader to improve. Often has ideas but is overshadowed by senior members in the group. Toh Ian Kim has improved as a team player. Will be an impressive youth if such progress is sustained. However, will also do well to remember past lessons. Tahir has a happy-go-lucky attitude but as one of the most senior member of the club, should show be more proactive in helping the team.

  • (Y) Poster – 1 June 2011
  • (Y) Report – 1 June 2011
  • (N) Advertisement Video – 1 June 2011. (    ) – New deadline: 13 June 2011
  • (   ) Robot Video -x-
  • (   ) Programming – 1/2 completed -
  • (   ) Stage – During holiday -

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