Tips for NRC 2011 Regular Category

by trainer on June 22, 2011

Although SDJ Robotics is not entering the regular category for the National Robotics Competition 2011 or NRC 2011, we have taken a fair interest in the category as we intend to send some teams for the regular category in NRC 2012 when Malaysia will be the host for World Robotics Olympiad 2012 (WRO 2012). So it’ll be good to share some tips through the words of Sasbadi trainer which was posted in Facebook. :-) For those who missed it the first time, you may read it here again:

Tips for NRC 2011 Regular Category

From Jason Tee:

Let me share something here, since 2005 until now i heard a lot of students and teacher said that their team done how well, how fast, how stable in the school, but how come during competition fail at all?

what I want to say here is practice in school is good, fast is good, but the most important thing is how stable your robot? during competition maybe challenge kit is little bit difference with your school one? then you know how to solve the problem on the spot? or just keep asking why? why? problem solving skill during competition is important.

During practice in the school you should practice if something unexpected happen then what should you do? Gambateh loh…Malaysia Team.
Because I don’t want after competition the students still asking:


In essense, what he’s trying to say can be summarised as:

  • Consistency: Top time is not as important as consistent time. So while it is good to be quick in training, it is better to be consistent.
  • Robustness: Robustness of robot is more important than fine-tuning for the training mat only. This is due to possible differences in the challenge kit provided during the competition and that of those you trained on.
  • Problem Solving Ability: The ability to solve problems on the spot is more important than perfecting training sessions.

If you stick to this few Golden Rules, you’ll rule the competition in NRC 2011. :-0 Good luck to all participants. May the World Champion come from Malaysia.

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