Problems for National Robotics Competition 2011 (NRC 2011) Regular Category Primary School

by trainer on July 10, 2011

Problems for National Robotics Competition 2011 (NRC 2011) Regular Category Primary School

This will be a compilation of common problems faced by primary school students participating in the NRC 2011 regular category while doing the guide robot using Lego NXT. Edited from various questions and responses from the Malaysia Lego Education forum in Facebook to make it easier to understand.


Problem No.1

The guide robot does not turn at the same angle consistently although the same time set is used in the programming and no changes were made to the playing mat.

Solution to Problem No.1

  • Switch the use from “seconds” to “degrees” to make it more reliable.
  • Ensure that battery power is consistent.

Answers by Roszainun and Foong Chung Seng


Problem No.2

General Questions for newcomers to NRC by Mazuam Mujail:

Untuk primary : 1. design field tu nanti mcm mane eh..
2. qurantine tu untuk ape…
3. partition A,b,c tu pun untuk ape…
really need help..baru 1st time nk hantar team…hrp boleh tolong

Translated as:

For NRC 2011 regular category for primary school
1. How would the playing field be?
2. What is quarantine?
3. What is partitions A, B and C?
Really need help as this is the first time sending a team, hope you all can help.

Solution to Problem No.2

  1. Refer to the “rules and regulation” for queries on the design field. It can be found at‚Äčes_primary.php
  2. Quarantine refers to the time contestants are given to build the robot and test the program. There will be no communication between mentor and players during the period.
  3. A, B and C are the paths that will be decided on competition day.

Answers by Azli Syahrin and AzmanJaafar AthharDaiam

Hope it helps all students participating in the NRC 2011 Regular Category for Primary School.

[Disclaimer: All answers/suggestions given here are based on opinions and should not be taken to overrule the Rules and Regulations of NRC 2011 (if there are clashes). So you will still need to read up the rules on your own to avoid disqualification. SDJ Robotics will not be liable for any disqualification due to recommendations in this post. Good luck.]

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